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April 20, 2009


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hey thanks for stopping by my blog huhu..

love those spray painted pants.

love ur blog :D


Hey! I'm doing great! Looking forward to the new season of The City, too ;)

Lookin' fierce, hunneh!

a believer



Russian team only hope for a miracle
Convincing victory Muscovites
Tax to decrease the cost of

At the last board meeting now Lipetsk approved the main parameters of the municipal budget in 2008, reported Lipetsk news in presvmeste service of the mayoralty. By income, its value is determined in the sum of 6,2 billion rubles, the expenses of the regional center will be more than 6,6 billion rubles. Projected shortage of the budget - 418.5 million rubles. To repay it is assumed mainly due to the city bond issue, and other sources. As if the head of the Department of Finance Tamara Fadeev calculations of structural units of administration in the maintenance of municipal services in the following year the amount required twice as much. Their applications will be satisfied with only 41%. However, during the execution of the main financial document of the figures will be adjusted, as they were about clarification of the budget in 2007. The main source of replenishment of the city treasury is before tax income of individuals. for a total income of Lipetsk, he will be 56 percent. 12.5 percent - the dose of the land tax, 10,4 - use of municipal property, 10,9 - tax profit, 20, 6 - Other taxes and fees. Growing budgetary provision of one inhabitant of the city - from 10,8 thousand rubles. in 2006 to 12.3 thousand rubles. in 2008. The allocation of expenditure priority is given to the social sphere. at 2.3 billion rubles or 34% of the funds rather sent to education, more than 1 billion rubles. - In health and sports, 964 million rubles - in social policy and culture. To fix the main local government agencies and housing next year will be allocated 240 million rubles. for general and capital investment, which determines the budgets of urban development is planned in the amount of 839 million rubles. Continue to 464 million rubles (122 million) increase appropriations in the accomplishment of Lipetsk. These assets are used in the installation of street lighting, repair of roads, houses, construction of green areas, landscaping. - Throughout the whole 2008 budget develops normally, - the head of the Lipetsk Michael Gulevsky. - It allows us to solve the pressing problems gorodhotya continue on the path to its development. during the next year will pave the network for new housing construction, relocate residents from tumbledown houses and start to favor new kindergartens in the townships Matyrsky and Lime, a swimming pool in the SWC, building the ice complex for childrens sports schools and other social facilities . For the first time in Lipetsk budget was presented as part of a three-year term financial plan. Prognostic indicators of income and expenditure of the city identified in the period up to 2010. November 15th plan document rather pronounced in public hearing, which will begin at 14.00 in the great hall city council members. Also, in a board meeting discussed the draft forecast plan of privatization of municipal property in 2008 and the amendments to the rules for soil protection in the city.Similar records:

Lithuania and Russia: from curse to the realism? (Veidas, Lithuania)
Mentor Ecuador lost post

The crisis in the political background of the events in South Ossetia has moved into the financial sector. Fever in the U.S. and Asian stock markets intensified panic in the Russian market. Now have Russian banks after the U.S. faced a severe crisis of liquidity. Many analysts have talked about their possible bankruptcy. Dhoti securities of large domestic companies are no longer stoilkrome cheap. Should I store the bait money from lending institutions and can I earn in the global crisis, has learned Fontanka. Eyes of financiers How much the situation in the capital market is indeed close to a stalemate, no one denies. Seriousness of the Russian financial institutions only confirms the stop (more than a half-day on Wednesday) of the Moscow Stock Exchange (MSE) in connection with a prescription FFMS. as it announced a service trades were halted to give time to the restoration of exchanges and the adoption of stabilization measures to retain the value of securities. In essence, the question of Russias economy is about how many banks ended property (this is called a liquidity crisis). They can no longer give the long money to their customers and are forced to seek property near an even more major financial institutions (banks, too). Same for his regret, and can not provide credits for placement. Sole source of financing for companies are their own assets, they are forced to sell. however, the mass ejection in the stock market leads to lower costs. September 16 and morning of 17 th shares of major Russian companies traded at a record low prices. Thus, Gazprom was worth half the price than for a maximum vremenhotya trough history - only 161 rubles per share. in a matter of worship holding shares fell 18%. At the time of suspension of trading in MSE, at 12.10 in the RTS and MICEX stock exchange prices of most blue chips have gone into a deep disadvantage, and the RTS index dropped to 1058.84 points (-6.39%), the MICEX index - up to 853.93 points (-3.09%). Reduction of Rosneft stock was 4%, VTB - 15.74%, Surgutneftegaz - 2.44%, Sberbank of Russia - 9,58%, Tatneft - 13.28%, Polyus Gold - 8.46%, MMC Norilsk Nickel - 1.55%. Fair vzbudorazhilhotya information about how much the decline could lead to bankruptcy of several banks, in particular, KIT Finance, Bank Soyuz, and even VTB. The only thing what can save the ailing system - measures pravitelstvhotya Central Bank. They should invest the accumulated assets in major banks, so that they in turn could support their smaller partners borrowers. The relevant orders, according to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, have already been made. how to inform the offender for the countrys economy in the near future banks will receive as much money as necessary to maintain liquidity. except that the property will be available for quite some time - up to 16 weeks. Ministry of Finance confirmed: Limit allocation of funds in Sberbank, VTB and Gazprombank increased to 1 trillion 126.6 billion rubles. At Sberbank have 754.2 billion rubles, VTB - 268.5 billion rubles, Gazprombank - 103.9 billion rubles. This should beat so far. Ministry and informed as to the budgetary legislation of the Russian Federation will soon be amended to provide accommodation to be able to budget funds in bank deposits in 2008, with repayment in 2009. Financial analysts disagree over the views of many waiting to Burst the crisis: the return to book form or another event in 1998 godhotya whether to strengthen against the young Russian economy. How to comment on Fontanka a leading analyst of investment company BFA Roman Dzugayev, overall decline in the markets due to start in the first half of September, the withdrawal of funds by investors in the book including non-residents . This situation again stalhotya llyustratsiey how many native stock market is dependent on how hard the world economy as a whole, without cause and with the funds of foreign investors, as under the circumstances, the same thing, - the expert said. - In spite of how much profit to the local market is still quite occur and will not disappear in the medium - long term position is not at all comforting. Slowing the pace of development and the similarity of the global economy to recession, in particular the US, the decrease in demand for commodities, particularly in oil and technical metal. of view unchanging status of Russia as a raw power known aspect is realized as the disappearance of the interest of foreign investors for corporate bonds commodity-dependent countries as a result of negative expectations to the future of the world economy, without cause, and from the standpoint of macroeconomic contraction, and the volume of exports of raw materials and cash receipts with him because of the specific reductions in prices for raw materials. We expect continued declines in commodity markets at least until the end of the year. However, not more than enough to recall how the Russian budget in 2009 should be deficit-free about the price of oil is not below $ 70 a barrel. Crisis of the sample in 1998, likely will not happen - The specialists of the banking sector. Just a phase of recovery, which Russian companies have experienced in recent years, certainly had to follow recession. only once Russias economy, more and more than 10 years ago, foreign exchange reserves more than respectable. except, reserve and stabilization funds to be able to give the federal government to keep afloat in the financial structure. True, anything comforting about the consequences of the crisis, analysts do not say. According to their accounts, Russia is entering a prolonged depression, which can last from 2-3 to 10 years. that the time required for the final recovery of the economy, to predict if he had not taken one. In this case, ordinary people will notice the crisis, probably only after some time. First, if it is happens, will go bankrupt a number of prominent financial institutions. However, in addition may be followed by a much differs from the original prognozhotya nflyatsiya. Only the experts do not advise panicking. How to comment on Fontanka ruler of the Banking Association of North-West Vladmir Dzhikovich, immediately store and destroy the contributions from banks should not be. The market is fairly adjusted. The crisis in the Russian market, first occurred at how much I am too connected to the global economy. For the first time, our own reserves and the value of our financial performance is too narrow and focused only in the raw material component, hence the above-market fever - told Dzhikovich. The President assured the banking community in the omnipotence of the federal government. The government will take measures to maintain liquidity and the market is quite adjusted. Undervalued stocks of large Russian corporations lure back high indexes, - said the expert. True, the question of whether to immediately buy up cheapened Russian blue chips and the securities of the largest banks, Dzhikovich answered evasively: This is the personal risks of depositors. Correspond to the profitability of such investments can not. PS MICEX resumed trading in the negotiated deals mode (RPM) and repurchase agreements with 18:00, they finished in 18:30. ...And bloggers on the blog content of a possible default has already become one of the most popular, along with a discussion of the death of one of the founders of Pink Floyds Richard Raythotya meeting Vladimir Putinhotya Alexei Venediktov. Bloggers do not stint in vivid epithets and called the situation in the country is not a crisis, and thus this default. In this case, some frank stebutsya over whats happening: spread rumors about the default)) schA is not a problem ... organize Flashmob turn to the bank office with posters of return the money How is it beating the theme of community? Yes nor as although probably in flash mobs can be quite acquainted with someone .. For that I will be the ones who ruined the banking system .. no longer enough money and not enough scandals in pochve no money .. will be all fine ))),- wrote Atskiyturboezh (spelling and punctuation preserved - author). Others give real advice on how to behave. Entertaining with the message of the friend of a businessman in the discussion of the situation: If intelligent finance tells how many defaults will not need to draw conclusions.

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Really well-written article. I'm jealous I didn't think of the topic. But yeah, the bowl games are really for the big games... everything else is just another way to suck the blood out of these kids and samll universities. Kinda sad.

But if you ARE going to go and get tickets, you might as well find yourself the best deal. I found this really cool website when digging around for tix to my game:

Vibram Fivefingers

hey,what's weong.hope everything is go well.


Everything else is just another way to suck the blood out of these kids and samll universities. Kinda sad.

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